SET 1: Buried Alive > Poor Heart, Stash, The Lizards, Julius, Ginseng Sullivan [1], Divided Sky, Golgi Apparatus

SET 2: Faht [2], The Curtain > Sample in a Jar, Reba [3], Big Ball Jam, Fee [4] -> Take the 'A' Train, David Bowie [5], Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, AC/DC Bag

ENCORE: Sweet Adeline [6], Good Times Bad Times

Notes: Stash closed with a Can’t You Hear Me Knocking tease. Ginseng was performed acoustic, without microphones, and featured Fish on washboard. Faht featured Fish on acoustic guitar. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Reba contained an All Fall Down signal in the pause before the whistling ending and Bowie contained Oom Pa Pa and Simpsons signals in the intro and 'A' Train and Reba teases from Trey. Trey tesaed Dixie in 'A' Train. Sweet Adeline was also performed without microphones.

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