SET 1: 46 Days, Chalk Dust Torture

Notes: Phish performed on Saturday Night Live, with former Vice President Al Gore as host. Gore introduced both performances. Earlier in the show, Phish had appeared in the recurring “Jerrod’s Room” sketch series, where Jimmy Fallon plays a college dorm room web-show host. In the sketch, the band was forced to hang out with Jerrod and his friends after being involved in a car accident with one of them. Gore appeared in the sketch as one of the students’ professors. All four members of Phish joined in to play a snippet of Contact in the dorm room. Later, Robert Smigel’s TV Funhouse cartoon parodied the ability of Charlie Brown and his Peanuts friends to transform and enliven anything (e.g., a dumpy Christmas tree) by just “waving their arms around a lot.” Phish appeared as the “transformed” version of Schroeder and his friends, who had been playing music themselves. During the cartoon, two pieces of You Enjoy Myself were used as the Peanuts characters danced around.

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