SET 1: Slave to the Traffic Light, Mike's Song > Dave's Energy Guide, Big Leg Emma

SET 2: Alumni Blues, Wild Child, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, Jam -> Cities, Bring It On Home [1]

SET 3: Scarlet Begonias > Eyes of the World -> Whipping Post [2] -> McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Makisupa Policeman [3] > Run Like an Antelope -> The Other One [4]

ENCORE: Anarchy

Notes: This show was performed at the Last Day Party on UVM’s Redstone campus. It marked Page’s debut with the band, as he sat in during portions of the third set. In fact, Big Leg Emma was preceded by an announcement from Trey that “our friend Page, from Goddard, will sit in later.” Bring it On Home featured Bobby Brown on harmonica and Whipping Post featured Jeff on vocals. McGrupp was dedicated to Fish. Makisupa featured a reggae jam. This show featured the only known Phish performances of Bring It On Home and The Other One.

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