SET 1: Slave to the Traffic Light, Mike's Song > Dave's Energy Guide, You Enjoy Myself [1], Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page [2] > Alumni Blues, Prep School Hippie, Run Like an Antelope [3]

SET 2: Tonight [4], The Pendulum[4], Babylon is Burning[4], Dec 1661[4]

Notes: This show was an African National Congress Benefit featuring Phish and South African dub poet Zenzilé Madikinea. Antelope featured Jeff Holdsworth on slide guitar. Russ Flanagan sat in on fiddle for parts of this show. Alumni was played by request. Letter to Jimmy Page contained quotes from Trey of "It's alright" before eventually returning to Alumni. Some recordings erroneously note that this show was a double-bill with The Joneses. This show contained the first known version of You Enjoy Myself, although it is possible that the correct debut was on 2/1/85, and the first known performances of Zenzilé's pieces (all with Phish) Tonight, The Pendulum, Babylon is Burning, and Dec 1661. The first set of this show is identical to what is listed for 2/1/85. The setlist for 2/1/85 is possibly incorrect.

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