SET 1: Fluffhead, Rocky Top, Mustang Sally, Suzy Greenberg > The Curtain > The Lizards, Fly Famous Mockingbird [1], Fire

SET 2: AC/DC Bag, Flat Fee, Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Good Times Bad Times, Contact, Peaches en Regalia, Golgi Apparatus

SET 3: Harpua, I Didn't Know [2] > Whipping Post

Notes: Mockingbird was aborted and had to be restarted due to error.  Fire contained DEG teases from Trey. GTBT was dedicated to Don Drive and East Coast Printers. I Didn't Know had a false start, lyrics changed to reference "Daubs" and "Seth," and featured Fish on trombone.

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