SET 1: Golgi Apparatus, Divided Sky, I Didn't Know, The Landlady, You Enjoy Myself, Fee, My Sweet One, Split Open and Melt, Bouncing Around the Room, Fire

SET 2: Suzy Greenberg > Buried Alive > Cavern, The Squirming Coil, David Bowie, Lawn Boy > The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > The Sloth, Love You, Possum, Rocky Top

ENCORE: Contact

Notes: During I Didn’t Know, Trey commented that this was Phish’s first show in Tennessee, and dedicated Fish’s vacuum solo to Dr. Jack McConnell and other friends in the audience. After Cavern, Trey mentioned that James Brown got out on parole, which caused Fish to comment that a cease-fire was also called that day in Iraq. “Don’t tell me this wasn’t planned,” he insisted. Rocky Top was a seemingly obvious choice as closer for the first Volunteer State show.

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