SET 1: Suzy Greenberg, Foam, Sparkle, Reba, Brother, Esther > Chalk Dust Torture, Guelah Papyrus, The Squirming Coil > Run Like an Antelope

SET 2: Dinner and a Movie > Bathtub Gin, Paul and Silas, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, NICU, Llama, Mound, Stash, Cold as Ice > Cracklin' Rosie > Cold as Ice, Uncle Pen, Cavern [1]

ENCORE: Big Black Furry Creature from Mars [2]


Sparkle was dedicated to “Donna.” Trey teased Rhythm-A-Ning in Antelope. Trey announced before Cavern that the band would play a bit more bluegrass; therefore, segments of Cavern were performed in a bluegrass style. Also, Trey altered the Cavern lyrics to “take care of your boots” and referenced a hoedown. BBFCFM included a We're Off to See the Wizard tease and a Make Your Own Guacamole jam, during which the audience made guacamole from band-supplied avocados because the band joked that their traditional post-show guacamole was not supplied.

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