Soundcheck: I Didn't Know, Dog Log, Funky Bitch, Rift

SET 1: Buried Alive > Poor Heart, Maze, Bouncing Around the Room, It's Ice > Stash -> Kung -> Stash, Kung [1] > The Horse [2] > Silent in the Morning, Divided Sky, I Didn't Know [3], Golgi Apparatus

SET 2: AC/DC Bag, My Sweet One, Tweezer, Mound, Big Ball Jam, You Enjoy Myself -> Spooky Jam [4] -> You Enjoy Myself, Harpua [5] > Runaway Jim

ENCORE: Lengthwise > Contact > Tweezer Reprise


Kung segued into a Dave's Energy Guide jam before turning back into Stash, which also featured Kung quotes. The second Kung was recited while Trey, using an acoustic guitar, improvised on the intro to Horse and contained a brief Pinball Wizard jam. The second Kung and The Horse featured Trey on acoustic guitar and the intro to The Horse contained a Harry Hood tease. I Didn't Know featured Fish on the Madonna washboard. At the beginning of the second set, Trey’s friend Roger Holloway got on stage and asked his girlfriend Jen to marry him. She said yes, and in response the band played AC/DC Bag (which references Roger in the lyrics), which also included Woman from Tokyo and Johnny B. Goode teases from Trey. The Spooky Jam inside of YEM included a verse sung by Page. Mike teased Spooky in the return to YEM. The YEM vocal jam included a Jeopardy! tease. Harpua featured teases of Dream Weaver and The Jetsons theme as well as vocal quotes from The End (The Doors); the narration centered on a story about people who steal your dreams at night. Trey dedicated Contact to Roger and Jen “on the road of life.” This show was released as part of the St. Louis '93 box set.

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