SET 1: Funky Bitch, Rift, Fee [1], Peaches en Regalia, Poor Heart > Stash, Esther > Down with Disease > Caravan [2], High-Heel Sneakers [3]

SET 2: Wilson > Run Like an Antelope [4], Mound > Sample in a Jar, Sparkle > Harry Hood, Ginseng Sullivan [5], You Enjoy Myself [6], Who By Fire [7], Golgi Apparatus

ENCORE: Free Bird

Notes: Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Antelope included Simpsons and Oom Pa Pa signals. Caravan and the Phish debut of High-Heel Sneakers featured Merl Saunders on keyboards and YEM, which included a Rock ‘n Roll Hoochie Koo jam, featured Colonel Bruce Hampton on piano. The Phish debut of Who By Fire also featured Colonel Bruce Hampton on vocals. Ginseng Sullivan was performed acoustic, without microphones, and featured Fish on washboard. Free Bird was played by request after Trey asked, a la Lynyrd Skynyrd, what song the crowd wanted to hear. Listen for a distinct Caravan tease in the beginning of Esther. The trampolines jam in YEM featured a guest trampoline jumper due to Trey’s broken foot.

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