SET 1: Chalk Dust Torture, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Scent of a Mule, Stash, Guyute, Sparkle > Simple [1] > Divided Sky, Sweet Adeline

SET 2: Suzy Greenberg > NICU > Tweezer -> Digital Delay Loop Jam -> Tweezer > Sleeping Monkey > Julius

ENCORE: Fee [2] > Tweezer Reprise

Notes: Simple featured Cameron McKinney on saxophone. A portion of the jam segment from this long (nearly 45 minutes), experimental Tweezer appeared on A Live One as Montana. Trey teased I'm a Man (Spencer Davis Group) in Tweezer prior to the Digital Delay Loop Jam. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. This gig was originally scheduled for MSU’s Shroyer Gym (capacity 1,800), and was later moved to the larger Field House (capacity 8,500).

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