Soundcheck: Foreplay/Long Time

SET 1: Runaway Jim, Foam [1], If I Could, Rift > Tweezer, Fee [2] > Mound, Sweet Adeline [3], Possum [4]

SET 2: Maze, Bouncing Around the Room, Reba [5], Axilla (Part II) > You Enjoy Myself, Hold Your Head Up > Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, Good Times Bad Times

ENCORE: Sleeping Monkey > Rocky Top

Notes: Foam included a silent jam. Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Possum included an All Fall Down signal and a Lizards tease from Trey. Reba did not contain the whistling ending. The soundcheck's Foreplay/Long Time was performed acoustic.

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