SET 1: Punch You in the Eye > Sparkle > Stash, Ya Mar, Gumbo, Taste, Lawn Boy, Ninety-Nine Years (and One Dark Day) [1], Hold to a Dream [2], Doin' My Time[2]

SET 2: Runaway Jim -> Gypsy Queen [3] -> Runaway Jim > Free, Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird [4] > Possum, Life on Mars?, You Enjoy Myself, Hello My Baby

ENCORE: Bouncing Around the Room, Golgi Apparatus

Notes: Stash contained DEG teases from Trey. During Ya Mar, Trey thanked the audience, saluted a Colorado swimmer who won two gold medals at the Olympics, and announced that a special guest would come out later in the set. The last three songs of the first set were all Phish debuts with Ninety-Nine Years featuring Tim O’Brien on mandolin and lead vocals and Hold To A Dream and Doin' My Tume on bouzouki and lead vocals. This show also marked the Phish debut of Gypsy Queen. During the Mockingbird narration, Trey told of a giant iguana that would take the crowd to Mars to view the life there.

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