SET 1: Ghost [1], Horn, Ya Mar[1], Limb By Limb -> Ain't Love Funny, Saw It Again[1], Dirt, Reba, Dogs Stole Things

SET 2: Jam [2] -> Timber (Jerry The Mule) > Bathtub Gin -> Cities > Jam[1], Loving Cup > Slave to the Traffic Light

ENCORE: When the Circus Comes

Notes: Ghost began the first of two nights of the infamous "Worm" banter, with Fish saying "I think you know where you are" and Trey responding with "You're on the back of the worm!" The "Worm" was also mentioned in Ya Mar, Saw It Again, and the jam out of Cities, which also included When the Saints Go Marching In and Santa Claus is Coming to Town teases by Trey. Mike teased Time Loves A Hero in Ghost. Dirt was introduced as "Green Grass High Tides Forever." The second set began with a Fish piano solo that evolved into a jam, as the rest of the band eventually joined the stage and Fish moved to his drum kit. Bathtub Gin contained a Little Drummer Boy tease from Trey and a Simpsons Theme tease from Mike. Loving Cup contained a Frankenstein tease from Mike. This show was officially released as part of the Amsterdam box set.

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