SET 1: Limb By Limb [1], Dogs Stole Things[1] > Poor Heart[1], Stash[1], Billy Breathes[1], Cars Trucks Buses[1], Dirt[1], You Enjoy Myself [2] -> Izabella[1]

SET 2: Timber (Jerry The Mule)[1] > David Bowie[1], Harry Hood [3] -> Blister in the Sun Jam[1] -> Harry Hood[1] -> Free[1], Waste[1] > Johnny B. Goode[1]

ENCORE: Bouncing Around the Room[1], Cavern[1]

Notes: The entire show featured Bob Gullotti on a second drum set. YEM did not contain a vocal jam and included Willie the Pimp teases just before the segue into Izabella. Bowie contained teases of the backup vocals to Rock Lobster (B-52s). Hood was unfinished.

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