SET 1: Hello My Baby, Billy Breathes [1], Piper[1], Roggae[1], Loving Cup[1], Albuquerque[1], The Old Home Place [2], Guyute[1], Brian and Robert[1], Sad Lisa [3], Four Strong Winds [4], I Shall Be Released[4]

Notes: This single-set performance was part of the 12th annual Bridge School benefit that also included R.E.M., Neil Young, and Barenaked Ladies. This was an acoustic performance, with a unique stage setup that had Fish stage right, with Page on the far left. Hello My Baby was performed with the band facing toward the Bridge School children, who were on a raised platform at the back of the stage. The Old Home Place was performed in the bluegrass setup of 1994, with Mike on banjo and Page on acoustic bass. Sad Lisa featured Sarah McLachlan on guitar and vocals, while Four Strong Winds and I Shall Be Released featured McLachlan and Neil Young on guitar and vocals, as well as Barenaked Ladies’ Kevin Hearn on accordion; all three songs were Phish debuts.

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