SET 1: Scents and Subtle Sounds > Theme From the Bottom, Rift > Sample in a Jar, Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley [1], Billy Breathes, Seven Below, Cavern

SET 2: Down with Disease [2] > The Squirming Coil, Makisupa Policeman [3] -> Buffalo Bill, Run Like an Antelope, Thunderhead > Slave to the Traffic Light


Notes: Sneakin' Sally did not contain a vocal jam. Disease  was preceded by a Buffalo Bill tease, contained a Can't You Hear Me Knocking tease, and was unfinished. The lyrics to Makisupa referenced writing a letter to Max Creek. Makisupa also included a Dream Police quote. Antelope was dedicated to “our friend Greg” (presumably well-known fan Antelope Greg) for some “shit he’s got to deal with after this tour.” Trey encouraged Greg to not “let it get you down.”

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