SET 1: Bouncing Around the Room, Runaway Jim, Ghost > What's the Use? > AC/DC Bag > First Tube, Frankie Says > Bathtub Gin -> Free

SET 2: Waves > Sample in a Jar > Down with Disease [1], Walls of the Cave, Two Versions of Me, Crowd Control [2], Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove

ENCORE: Crimes of the Mind [3]

Notes: Disease was unfinished. This show included the debut of Crowd Control. Trey introduced Mike to sing “his song.” Crimes of the Mind (first since July 10, 1994, or 504 shows) featured the Dude of Life on vocals. During the song, the Dude congratulated Phish on their 20 years together, and wished them success for 20 more.

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