Soundcheck: Steam [Possibly Incomplete]

SET 1: Theme From the Bottom, NICU, Cities, Halley's Comet > Runaway Jim, Gumbo > Quinn the Eskimo > Limb By Limb, Horn, Bathtub Gin -> Manteca > Bathtub Gin

SET 2: Down with Disease [1] > Free > Backwards Down the Number Line > Makisupa Policeman [2] > Harry Hood > Cavern > David Bowie

ENCORE: A Day in the Life

Notes: Gin included a mash-up jam of Golden Age and Manteca and later closed with a Manteca quote from Trey. Disease was unfinished. BDTNL featured a DEG tease from Mike. Makisupa included lyrics referencing several band members' houses (and Trey's favorite show, House).

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