Soundcheck: Sloth, Joy, Jam (Likely incomplete)

SET 1: The Sloth, You Enjoy Myself, Back on the Train, The Moma Dance, Funky Bitch, Maze, Roses Are Free, Halley's Comet > Run Like an Antelope

SET 2: Crosseyed and Painless > Simple -> Lifeboy > Guyute, Mike's Song > Chalk Dust Torture [1] -> I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Show of Life > Character Zero

ENCORE: Loving Cup

Notes: Halley's Comet contained a Streets of Cairo tease from Trey. Character Zero contained a Jean Pierre (Miles Davis) tease from Trey and a Rhapsody in Blue tease from Page. The soundcheck's jam contained Smoke on the Water teases.

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