SET 1: Free [1], Set Your Soul Free[1], Sleep[1], Dog Faced Boy[1], Waste[1], 46 Days[1], Miss You[1], NICU[1], If Again[1], Ruby Waves[1], My Problem Right There[1], Farmhouse[1], Joy[1], Lifeboy[1], Kill Devil Falls[1], Twist[1], Pebbles and Marbles[1], A Life Beyond The Dream[1], Bouncing Around the Room[1], Bathtub Gin[1]

ENCORE: Billy Breathes[1], Brief Time[1], Sleeping Monkey[1], Possum[1], More[1]

Notes: This entire show was performed by Trey solo acoustic. Trey walked off the stage while the crowd was still singing along to Bathtub Gin and played the final notes of Gin when he returned for the encore.

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