SET 1: Llama, Foam, Fee > Poor Heart, Maze, I Didn't Know [1], Sample in a Jar, All Things Reconsidered, Runaway Jim, Amazing Grace [2], Cavern

SET 2: The Landlady > Split Open and Melt, Sparkle > Tweezer > Mound, Big Ball Jam > Fast Enough for You, You Enjoy Myself, The Horse [3] > Silent in the Morning, Hold Your Head Up > The Prison Joke [4] > Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up, Good Times Bad Times

ENCORE: Carolina[2], The Squirming Coil

Notes: I Didn't Know featured Fish on trombone and The Horse featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Amazing Grace and Carolina were performed without microphones. The Prison Joke was told by an audience member named “Sam” after Fish refused to tell it.

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