SET 1: Little Faces, Mr. Oysterhead, Polka Dot Rose, Radon Balloon > The Grand Pecking Order, Rubberneck Lions

SET 2: Jam > Shadow of a Man > Army's On Ecstasy, Wield the Spade, Birthday Boys, Oz is Ever Floating, Pseudo Suicide

ENCORE: Voices Inside My Head [1] > 46 Days[1], Owner of the World

Notes: This was the first Oysterhead performance in almost 14 years and featured the Oysterhead debuts of Voices Inside My Head and 46 Days. Little Faces included Machine Gun (Jimi Hendrix) teases. Les teased Tommy The Cat in Mr. Oysterhead. Rubberneck Lions began with a Too Many Puppies tease from Les. Les teased The Toys Go Winding Down and The Star Spangled Banner in Army's On Ecstasy. Trey teased L.A. Woman in 46 Days. Owner of the World included Jean Pierre and Smoke on the Water teases.

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